Established in 2003 after a trip to Tokyo, Superdry is a brand that creates streetwear garments that combine American vintage, the finest British tailoring and Japanese prints. Through its own stores, websites and network of franchisees, licensees and dealers, Superdry is sold today in over 100 countries worldwide.
Nudie Jeans is a line that represents a love for denim; its inspiration is like the passion of a rock band in daily life. Launched in Sweden in 2001, its made-in-Italy production from 100% organic denim makes for a product that is unique. Today Nudie Jeans is considered one of the most original denim brands in the world.
Simple design with soft fabrics and eco-friendly clothes. This US brand was founded in 1995 in Atlanta, Georgia with the purpose to convey to its creative and fashionable clothes a high degree of simplicity and sustainability.
In 2013 Ben Sherman proudly celebrated its 50th anniversary in business. Today it stands for British style in menswear in a contemporary way, suited for a target clientele that is young and style-conscious.
At the intersection of performance and street chic, Asfvlt sneakers combine the passion of perfect craftsmanship, attention to detail and advanced construction techniques. Blending both function and fashion, we strive for the pursuit of excellence and are com- mitted to use the finest materials and high end finishes.
We invite you to build your future.
Established in 2007, Doughnut started making backpacks, bags accessories and other travel essentials. ‘Integrating fashion and functionality’ is the hallmark of Doughnut and it is key in ensuring that every Doughnut product is consistently of the most quality, reasonably priced and unique from what is commonly found out there. After years of constant innovation, we continues to push the boundaries and challenging our designers to investigate new materials, styles and concepts.
Lyle and Scott has been in the fashion business for over 140 years and has a history steeped in invention and craftmanship. Today the brand is recognized for creating edited, versatile collection that blend obsessive attention to detail with quality that can be trusted.This distinctive design hand-writing extendes far beyond the Eagle; L&S: Innvation and function to create colthes that are exciting as they are timeless
Established in 2011, HYPE. beganas a self-funded project, designingprinted clothing and accessories.After winning a t-shirt printingcompetition HYPE.
With the use ofsocial networking HYPE. quicklydeveloped into something that couldno longer be tamed from thesingle room it was created in. Withinmonths HYPE. had started to evolveinto one of the UK’s mostrecognisable brands.What started with alighter inscribed: ‘Get Your OwnFucking Lighter’, and a simple scriptover a floral print t-shirt hassnowballed into what HYPE. istoday.
Here is the NA-KD truth…We are new, born recently in fact and we’re proud of it. Proud that we are a team of skilled and enthusiastic individuals with over 13 years’ experience in the online fashion industry who wanted to make a big bang in the online fashion scene. We saw something was missing, and we saw what needed to be done. We put our heads together andNA-KD.comwas born. In a way, I guess you can say we created magic. NA-KD are a team of highly experienced professionals who live and breathe online fashion and social media with a global outlook. With over 13 years’ experience in e-commerce, fashion design, styling, production, marketing and social media; we know our stuff. And we’re doing it all for you, the customer.
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